Measuring for your gun belt

ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!  Please take the time to get thorough measurements.

Do NOT give your pants size or waist measurements.
Gunbelt Size
While wearing the clothes you plan to wear when shooting, measure around your clothing in the location where you plan to wear your gunbelt with a cloth measuring tape.  Ensure that the measuring tape is comfortably snug and does not sag anywhere. Where the beginning of the tape starts and then meets after wrapping around you is your Gunbelt Size.
Measurement in photo is 37 3/4
---Optional if you have an existing gunbelt and no cloth measuring tape---

Take existing gunbelt and lay it out flat, then measure from the center of the buckle to the hole most commonly used.
Fixed Holster Measurement
For Buscadero or Hollywood gunbelts it's critical to get this right.  Measure two or three times and make sure you get the same measurement as it's crucial to your draw & return speeds.  Measure from the center of where you intend to wear the buckle, to the spot where you want the BOTTOM of your trigger guard to be. 

Step 1: Begin with the cloth measuring tape where the CENTER of your buckle will be.
Step 2: Measure to the spot where you want the bottom of the trigger guard to be keeping in mind that the trigger guard will be facing behind you in the holster.
Measurement in photo is 11 1/2